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Brands There are 8 brands


    Funky, Cool, Cute & Alternative Baby Clothes. Baby Moo's is a brand that design and provide "Kids clothes with personality"


    BeeeTú is a brand that is inspired by the imaginative world of two small children, Sara and Max. Their mother (graphic designer) translated these ideas into original very fresh, bright and cheerful designs.

    The clothes are brightly coloured and there is always a Play factor. The T-shirts have toys fitted with Velcro


    Coq en Pâte is a children's accessories and fashion publishing company, which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes.

    Every piece is manufactured in India out of labeled organic cotton and buying their product, you contribute to finance a project of conservation of endangered species of extinction.


    “El hombre sapo” suggest clothes for children aged within 2 and 6 years old. Many creatures live in there and carry a little tale worksheet to colour, telling their story. They are clothes, toys and tales to play, imagine and not to feel alone never again. The designs are made in Barcelona with lots of love and they are colourful, joyful and mainly comfortable. They are made of soft best-quality materials, with handed-printed serigraphy one by one, with exclusive drawings for each design. 


    This is an italian brand that turn every of its pieces in an opoportunity to create. This t-shirts and dresses can be coloured, so kids can wear their own art and creations, the markers are included in the set. 


    SquidKids specialise in top quality, colour changing; jackets, wellington boots and umbrellas for 2-6 year olds.  One of the unique selling point of Squid is that it is the original colour change brand (established in 2008).  When wet, the white designs of the items, magically transform into bright, fun colours.


    Toyshirts is Wear and Fun’s own brand which allow us to give free rein to our philosophy and to create 100% joyful fashion. Our motivation is to provide children with funny and comfortable clothes encouraging them to play arouse their imagination and make up stories and characters.

    For further information visit www.toy-shirts.com


    Ubang's purpose is to inspire kids’ imagination and play. By combining the inspiration of kids’ play with the urge for the newest fashion trends, UBANG has a solid universe that is never static but always stimulating free and unrestrained play.