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What is WEAR&FUN?

WEAR AND FUN is original multi-brand clothing and accessories online store for kids aged from 0 to 10 years old, in which products selection is made based on three principles:

  1. Playful fashion

Our project draws from the experience in the upbringing of our own children, when we become aware of the important role of playing in the childhood development and learning. By means of their games, the children not only have fun, but they also search, explore, try, and find out the world themselves.

At WEAR AND FUN we want children to play, to exercise their creativity and to be happy. For this reason, we offer them playful clothing to play and imagine with, or, in other words, toys that are the cloth-in-thing.

Wear and Fun is the only online store in which you can find this new concept of infant clothing, the Playful Fashion.



At Wear and Fun we believe that children should be free to choose the kind of fashion that represents them the most and the one they want to wear:

  1. Comfortable clothes that does not tighten or oppress them, allowing free motion.
  2. Funny, joyful, colourful and enable to boost their creativity.
  3. Children are not little adults; let dress them as children as long as we can.


3. AND ALSO...

Our brands take a chance on the design of all the clothes and, what’s more, they choose to be environmentally friendly as well as respect the work conditions in all their processes.

The cotton in most of our products comes from organic farming cultivations. Innocuous components to the planet as well as safe components to the children are used during the processes of dying.

Some of the brands even support charity and environmental preservation projects with their benefits.


FRAN RAYA – Head of production 


SANDRA GARRUSTA – Founder and products manager